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Let the Playoffs Begin

Well we are just about to start the 2011-2012 season playoffs. There is much to speak about in terms of who’s in and who’s out, what match-ups are in the first round and of course, predictions.

If you’re a Canadian like me, having only 2 of 7 teams in the playoffs is a little depressing. We are supposed to be the “dominant” nation of the sport. Have no fear though, there’s plenty of Canadian talent on those American teams. Do the two teams (Ottawa and Vancouver) have a chance to go all the way? One might say that Vancouver is a sure bet to make their respective conference final and league final. Though, one half of the dynamic duo, Sedin twins is currently injured and questionable for the first games. Ottawa has been a surprise of sorts this season. Not that they shouldn’t be in the playoffs with the talent they have. The surprise comes from their relatively consistent play throughout the entire season. Can they win the East? My humble opinion is no. With teams like Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh and New York (Rangers) in the mix, Ottawa will have to do something quite memorable to make the cup final.

The “dark-horse” or “underdog” of the playoffs this year would have to be the Florida Panthers. Where did they come from? Ending one of the longest current streaks of consecutive playoff misses, one can only say – you go Florida, you go.

The first round playoff match-up you shouldn’t miss? That would have to be a classic, the Pens and the Flyers. There’s already such a rivalry this season it’s bound to spill into the first few games of the series. Braydon Schenn of Philadelphia was quoted in a recent interview saying, “There’s a lot of bad blood between the two teams already and there’s going to be more.”

The teams you should watch out for? This writer is going with the Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues. The Predators are just one of those teams that can beat anyone on a given night with a ferocious defense and solid goaltending. In fact, Pecca Rinne of Nashville recorded the most wins this season of any goaltender and with the recent addition of sniper Alexander Radulov to their forward line, the Preds may upset a couple of teams. On the other hand, you’ve got the Blues. They have been an enigma this season placing 2nd in the Western Conference. Much like Florida, they simply came out of nowhere and could go all the way on the back of great team play and strong duo goaltending in the form of Jan Halak and Brian Elliott.

My picks for the finals east vs west are as follows: I believe Boston is going all the way to the final for the east and Detroit for the west. Only time will tell.


Friktion Night Club Presents: Valentine Masquerade Party (Friday February, 17th 2012)

To my fellow classmates:

Offering you all who are of age to come down to Friktion Night Club on Friday February 17th, 2012. We are holding a Valentine Masquerade Party that will include lots of fun games and prizes. Tickets are $10.00 – single, $15.00 – Couple. The couple package gets you a small bottle of champagne and midnight snacks. (pizza) Couple doesn’t have to be male/female. Basically two people for $15.00. Good for friends or groups.

Now, since I know we’re all “starving students” if you contact me before the date of the event, I will comp you a set of tickets. That’s right – for free. You must find your own awesome mask however.

Prizes included for best mask will be jewelry for the ladies and La Senza gift cards. Guys, you’ll be able to win as well with prizes from our sponsors.

It would be great to see you come down and have some fun. Thanks everyone and please join our Facebook group to keep up to date with all new info.


Just wondering what people are considering as a DJ these days? With the advancement of technology it has become easier than ever to “get into” DJ’ing and producing. There are more and more software programs such as: Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ now that just about anybody can click a few buttons and match up a set without much hassle.

While at first I was strictly opposed to using a cpu in my DJ sets, the convenience of not having to lug around milk crates full of vinyl or books of CD’s does have its advantages. Much like vinyl DJ’s will tell you CD DJ’s “aren’t real DJ”s” – CD DJ’s will tell you CPU DJ’s the same thing.

My thoughts are this. I began with vinyl and then switched to CDJ’s I now incorporate a laptop and DJ software as well. To me it’s the evolution of the DJ. Much like the evolution from vinyl to tape to CD to mp3 and so on.. For me, it really boils down to personal choice and preferrance. If you feel comfortable with a certain format and your mixes sound good, than why not?

I must admit, I am a little biased toward vinyl and CD’s still. It’s taken me a while to get comfortable with letting a computer take some of the work off of my plate. Infact, I get a little bored when using DJ programs – I try and stay away as much as possible. To me, it takes away the fun of tweaking your mixes to perfection. I also prefer the sound of vinyl compared to anything. It just has a much more rich and deep sound that still has yet to be replicated. Although the technology of CDJ’s and DJ software is getting very close.

So, tell me please. What do you constitute as being a DJ? Is it just the music? The equipment? Or something in the showmanship?

Enough with Skrillex already

With the increasing popularity of Dubstep into the mainstream music market one thing has been driving me crazy. The glorification of the artist Skrillex. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great talent to the EDM scene and produces massive tracks at a constant rate. However, for those who have just jumped onto the Dubstep wagon – he’s not the only Dubstep artist out there!

Try evolving your knowledge a bit and take a digital walk to Beatport or any other digital music dowload service. You’ll happen to notice that there are several thousand other Dubstep artists out there. All with great beats and I will be as bold to say, even better.

Srkillex in my opionion, uses the same formula, samples, cuts and hasn’t produced anything vastly different since his original releases. Even his remixes with other artists are becoming increasingly similar. With that being said, it raises the question: Why fix something that isn’t broken? Right? Well, if you want to have longevity in your music career at some point you have to evolve your style, push yourself to do something out of your creative norm. Unfortunately, Skrillex hasn’t come to this realization yet.

So, try listening to some Excision or Datsik, perhaps a little Flux Pavillion or Caspa? Even some Killabits or Zedds Dead for goodness sake. I could go on and on but hopefully this will get you started.

Let’s remember, if we all just chose to listen to Zeplin we wouldn’t have experienced AC/DC. ‘Nuff said.

Mixed with maple – Canadian EDM artists making a splash internationally.

2012 is shaping up to be an explosive year for Canadian EDM artists. With the increasing flow of DJ’s and producers making a strong presence on international charts such as Beatport, Itunes and various other hit-lists, it’s no wonder that the club bangers that you’re raging out to these days could be considered as – mixed with maple.

One could say that recently leading the charge both in popularity and on the charts is Toronto area native, Joel Zimmerman. (Deadmau5) Deadmau5 has been blowing up the clubs with massive electro-house track releases from as far back as 2008. He’s won multiple awards including Juno’s, International Dance Music Awards and has had several Grammy nominations. What has set him apart from the rest however, is his keen sense of showmanship and being incredibly gifted with technology. Performing in costume that consists of a large LED mouse head and recently incorporating a gigantic LED cube with accompanying state of the art light show, Deadmau5 has become more than just a musician – he is a brand. Legions of fans anxiously wait to see the mouse light up the stage and belt out live, on-the-spot mixes of his own tunes. This also sets him apart from the traditional DJ as a good 95 percent of his show is exclusively his own material. Rather than mixing several different artists in a set. It should also be noted that he despises being called a “DJ”, so don’t drop the ball – It’s not DJ Deadmau5.

If you’re looking to get your, “wobble on” with some incredible Dubstep beats you’ve probably cued up a little Excision and Datsik . Representing the west out of British Columbia, this duo is frequently recording and releasing tracks together but have accomplished much as solo artists as well. Jeff Abel, (Excision) burst onto the charts in 2007 with a combination of aggressive, bass-heavy beats influenced by metal and hip-hop. His performances at the famed, Shambhala Music Festival have been downloaded over a million times and making use of social media he boasts a following of over 615,000 on Facebook. He is also the founder of the ROTTUN Recording label. Troy K. Beetles, (Datsik) has been producing music since 2008 and describes his unique sound as being, “dark and robotic.” He also tries to add elements of funk and gangster style. In 2009, Datsik achieved 7 number one releases on Beatport and has been successful with vinyl sales as well. Incredibly talented with remixing, he has worked on projects with the Crystal Method, Bassnectar, Noisia and the Wu-tang Clan. Collaborating with the biggest names in the industry, these west-coast acts are revered for creating the deep bass lines and aggressive forms of Dubstep that you hear today.

Heading back out east to Toronto, it would be impossible not to mention a pioneer in the house music industry. George Hatrias, (Hatrias) Starting out as a promoter in the early 1990’s Hatiras grew his company, Liquid Adrenaline into one of the largest in North America. After reaching such success in the industry he began producing music and signed with Bad Boy Bill’s IHR label. Hatias’ music has been praised by top DJ’s such as The Chemical Brothers, Eric Morillo and Roger Sanchez. He’s also reworked music with international superstar Kylie Minogue and his remixes can be found on big-time labels such as Ministry of Sound. In 2004 and later on in 2007, Hatiras created Blow Media, (2004) and Hatrax, (2007) his own record labels and has had continued success with hit releases. Hatiras has toured worldwide including stops in the US, Europe, Australia and South America. To top that off he has also won 2 Juno Awards and a Socan Award for most radio play in Canada.

As you can see, Canadian content in the international EDM scene is affluent and abundant. From Electro to House to Dubstep or creating hit record labels, Canada has blossomed some of the top DJ’s/Producers in recent years. With a strong home fan-base and eager ears around the world waiting for that next insane drop or brilliantly thought out remix, you can be sure a good portion of it will be coming from the home of the maple leaf.