Coaches need more training on coaching kids!

Not all, but some coaches in sports these days are too competitive when it comes to coaching. Coaches need to take a step back and realize the effect and impact their decisions have on the athletes. As a coach your job is to build the confidence in the athlete and shape them into the best athletes they can be. This is a problem with many different sports, in and around our city and the issue needs to be dealt with. If a  coach is only about winning, then they are in the wrong field. As an example, Cornwall girls hockey is already lacking the participation and the registration is not at a high. Some of the coaches make comments and decisions that are wrong and they need to take responsibility for their mistakes and not put blame on the athletes. Suck it up and admit you were wrong! Canada is behind when it comes to sports and training of our athletes and it shows when we compete at the international levels. Canada has only just begun to have successful results due to the “Own the Podium.” If you are a coach or are planning to become a coach, think about your decisions and admit your wrong when you mess up. Build confidence  in your athletes and encourage them to do their best. If it happens that you have to take a loss a little of the time or a lot of the time, then lose like winners. Sportsmanship is the most important and will make a difference in the development of teams and individual athletes.


All about you

Many people go through life trying to keep everyone around them happy, whether it be at work, home, school etc. News Alert! You cannot please everyone. The only person you should be trying to keep happy, is yourself. When I am in a bad mood or grumpy as my kids would say, I send that energy to the ones around me and then we have one big grumpy household. You have to do what makes you happy within reasonable means. Of course a trip to Hawaii would make me happy, but I am talking about an inner happiness. Take the time do something for yourself that you enjoy. Like Rupaul says, ‘If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? have a wonderful happy day!


Why is it when you need to think of something to write about, your mind draws a blank? It seems as soon as I leave the room or when class is over, a light bulb goes off and the “I should have written about that” moment happens. Whatever! next time.

Taking Time For Granted

Have you ever asked yourself  where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday you were changing your child’s diapers or even playing patty cake with your nieces or nephews. Now they are taller and think they are smarter than you. Not all may have experienced the sense that time has been lost as of yet, but take this as some advice, when you get to the point in your life that you have someone or something you cherish so much, make the time. There will be a moment that you will be asking for the clocks to be turned back. Avoid that request and make time whether it be for you, someone or something.  The world is a busy place, because we allow it to be. Take time for what it is and not for granted.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Go Canada!

congratulations to Canada’s Women’s soccer team. They had victory over Mexico in the Qualifications to earn them a spot in the Olympics this Summer. One thing even more exciting, is that forward Christina Julien is from the Cornwall area and she is one of team Canada’s top players. Support your country and city and watch the Olympics this summer as our athletes bring home the gold.

Creative writing to Electronic typing?


Just recently I found out that schools are no longer teaching students cursive writing. I noticed after my daughter was asked to give her signature for a hockey roster and she was only able to write her first name because she had not learned how to put some of the letters together in cursive. It would be partially my fault, I take some of the responsibility for assuming that she would be taught this in school. The point is that this is a clear example of how technology has changed and impacted the way and what are children are taught. It seems that this is the preparation for a world where everything will have electronic signatures and not very much human interaction. It is going to come to a point when we will be tweeting to our children that supper is ready when they are a room away.