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Canadian Tire is going ‘IKEA’!

Canadian Tire seems to be going ‘IKEA’…with their lawn tractors. I have been shopping for a new lawn tractor and thought I would visit my local Canadian Tire, which is in Hawkesbury. I have had run ins with this store before, and have found their employees completely unaware of what it is they are selling and what is involved in delivery and the like.

When inquiring about a new lawn tractor today, I was told there would be a $50 charge for delivery. A little steep considering I only live 10 minutes away, but…what can you do? Then I was told I would have to pay $30 to have it put together.  It’s a lawn tractor. I don’t believe that I have ever purchased a car and had to put it together myself. Or a motorcycle. Or any other motorized vehicle for that matter.

Is this customary at other stores? Is one expected to be a mechanic if they want to purchase a lawn tractor? I find this astounding!

What do you think?



Guns at school

Yesterday afternoon, my oldest daughter came home and informed me that she and her two brothers would not be going to school today. Since I know my daughter does not do anything without a lot of thought and consideration, I asked why before I started the ‘fight’.

My daughter went on to tell me that a student at their school had said that he was planning on bringing a gun to school. There was another student he was angry at and he wanted to take care of it.

My children go to a small catholic school in a farming community. The school holds less than 400 students.

I thought when we moved to the countryside that issues such as these would not follow us from the city. I thought that my children would be safer here.

I am assured by the vice principle that the matter has been taken care of. The boy who made the threat is not allowed back to school until a full investigation has been undertaken by the police. I am not that comforted.

I wonder how, in such a small, close knit community, things such as this can happen. What happened to this boy that he feels it is ‘ok’ to bring a gun to school to take care of his problems. Why hasnt’ his issues been dealt with prior to this?

All kids go through rough patches and voice frustration and anger at things that don’t go their way or people who have hurt their feelings. In my home, we discuss it. We talk about it. There is no subject that is taboo. My children have the knowledge that they can come to me with anything and know that I will listen and do my best to help if I can. Sometimes, all they want is for someone to listen. I try to be that person, but I let them know that no matter what, it is important to have someone to talk to even if it isn’t me, just so long as they talk.

I am not sure how I will assure them that they are safe to go back to school. I am not sure how I will be comfortable sending them off to school and not worry. So each day, I tell them I love them. I tell them they are smart, they are important, and they are worthwhile. Each day I make sure they go off into the world knowing they are loved and treated with respect, at least at home.


Drunk people see things differently…wait…what??

I often spend time in my car daydreaming and enjoying quiet music or the soft background of the daily news.

This morning’s ride was no different. I was lost in my own little world when the deep, soothing voice of Sam Elliot permeated the space in my car. What an awesome voice I thought.

As he spoke I sort of half listened to what he was saying when I ‘heard’ him say “Drunk people see things differently”.  Wait…what???

I thought to myself, or course drunk people see things differently..perhaps a little cross-eyed or doubled, often speaking their mind…or out of their mind!  Yes indeed, drunk people do see the world differently!

So I listened a little more intently to see what exactly it is that drunk people think and realized that Sam Elliott had actually said ‘truck’ people!  It was a commercial for Dodge Ram!!

Thanks for the chuckle Sam!

The ‘F’ Word

In my home, I try to keep the foul language to a minimum.  Living in a home with five kids (four of them teenagers), this can be challenging to do.   Recently, my 17year-old daughter has taken on the habit of saying the ‘F’ word. No place is safe from her dropping the ‘F” bomb; the dinner table, watching TV, or just generally in passing.

I have tried just about everything to get her to understand that it is not ok, especially when there are younger children in the house.

She argues that the ‘F’ word is simply a string of letters hooked together to make a specific sound and that society should not give words such power.  After all, it is just a word.

So, the other day I thought I would fight fire with fire. I find the ‘F’ word offensive (even though I say it much more than I would like). There are very few words that my daughter finds offensive, but there is one.  I think this one particular word most people find offensive. It is derogatory, insulting, and just plain ignorant. With all of this in mind, I asked my daughter if it would be equally acceptable to use the ‘N’ word.  The colour drained from her face as she sat across from me at the dinner table, unable to utter a single sound. The other children sat equally as shocked as I patiently waited for an answer.

She had to agree that, even though the ‘N’ word is simply a string of letter hooked together to make a specific sound, it was not an acceptable word to say at any time. Finally, she understood what I was talking about.

Much to my delight, the swearing has certainly diminished in my house, until just recently when the children took up playing a card game called Asshole!!!

Pet Peeve

Recently a few ‘friends’ on Facebook have posted some rather disturbing photos. Although I realize that these people are trying to support a cause, I find these photos extremely disturbing and inappropriate.

The photos that I am talking about are photos of animals that have been abused.  The  most recent one is of a puppy that had acid poured over it.  The caption reads that the Humane Society will donate $1 each time the photo is shared.  This is, according to Snopes, a hoax.  It is completely FALSE.

As a journalist I am taught to check my sources.  I am amazed that people would post such horrific photos without first checking their validity. Posting such horrible photos will do one of two things; turn people away, or give the abusers a few new ideas.

If you want to change something, start by changing the laws or donate to an organization that truly works at saving animals that have been abused.

The Canadian Criminal Code states – punishment for animal cruelty;

(2) Every one who commits an offence under subsection (1) is guilty of

  • (a) an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than five years; or
  • (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction and liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars or to imprisonment for a term of not more than eighteen months or to both.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is working towards a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends.

Please also consider joining our Animal Rescue Team by making a monthly donation. Your monthly gift can help provide our life-saving animal programs with a reliable, ongoing source of funding.   Monthly giving is also the most cost-effective way to save more animals. It reduces paper and postage costs, which means that more of each dollar you give goes directly to helping animals. You will receive a consolidated tax receipt at tax time.

Alternatively, you can give over the phone by calling our Supporter Services team on 1-800-363-9772

Full Moon

On my way home tonight the moon hung full and low in the sky. It was a dazzling bright orange and lit up everything around it.  It was quite the sight to see.

The full moon is known for causing more babies to be born, more crimes to be committed, and the psych wards to be a little more active.  People just seem to be a little stranger on a full moon.

In light of the full moon, the events of the day made much more sense.  It seems everyone today was very light-hearted and frivolous.  Everyone, at least it seemed to me, was telling jokes, laughing (sometimes at nothing), and a little bit out there!   We all ‘played’ today! It was all in all a really good day!

~ Diane


I see you.  I see the sadness that you carry.  I see you, but I don’t know what to say or how to help.  I have been where you are, but don’t know how to tell you that this to shall pass.  Depression is a heavy burden to carry but with help, it can pass.  You are not alone. Perhaps it is at a point that you cannot deal with alone anymore. There are people willing to help.  All you have to do is reach out and ask…My friends daughter died because she was sad and nobody noticed.  I notice.

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are NOT a sign of weakness. They are signs of having tried to remain strong for way too long.

Canadian Mental Health Association ~ Champlain East/Champlain Est Branch
329 Pitt St.
Cornwall, ON K6J 3R1
Phone: 613 – 933 5845
Fax: 613 – 936 2323