The other half

Occasionally I watch television through the week, but most of the time I relax and unwind through entertaining YouTube videos or connect with friends on Facebook. Last weekend though I surfed the channels and on the discovery channel I came across a documentary about mental disorders, and the one featuring Sunday night was about split personality. Unlike most documentaries there was plenty of information, explaining why the brain is different physically and psychologically. One case followed a man’s life threatened by his mental disease, living an ordinary day to day life this individual worked as sales representative in New York city, but through the night his mind split into his “other half” with no recollection of any events that took place. Until the law was involved he didn’t realize he was becoming a vicious party animal, seeking out clubs and drug dealers. This in all cases was not anything like him, his colleagues describing him as a shy soft-spoken man who spent most of his time working and reading not socializing. As the disease progressed and his mind altered more often he was caught for money theft from a convenience store, frightening the store clerk with a knife. Arrested by an officer who happened to be in the grocer and within a few hours he was confused and lost, wondering why was he in a jail cell? The police not buying his story of no recall of what happened was sent to court and under actual examination found he was developing a severe case of split personality, which explained in the documentary can happen to a person at any time in their life through a genetic trait passed down through the mother, locked in the primal brain region until various reasons ranging from over stressing to life style activity can release and damage the chemistry balance in the frontal lobe. Two years later after his court order not to prison, but a temporarily mental institution under doctor prescriptions and advice, he walked away with a lot healthier state of mind and overall well-being. In many similar ways this story reminds me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a scientist who is fair and a gentle person, but as we know his mind is taken over by a monster and in the end loses more than his research. The novel was written well over 150 years ago, but the message stays true…. human nature is divided by a sense of good and evil, conflicting with each other for eternity, but when the boundaries are no more we lose our sense of sanity.



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