Canadian Tire is going ‘IKEA’!

Canadian Tire seems to be going ‘IKEA’…with their lawn tractors. I have been shopping for a new lawn tractor and thought I would visit my local Canadian Tire, which is in Hawkesbury. I have had run ins with this store before, and have found their employees completely unaware of what it is they are selling and what is involved in delivery and the like.

When inquiring about a new lawn tractor today, I was told there would be a $50 charge for delivery. A little steep considering I only live 10 minutes away, but…what can you do? Then I was told I would have to pay $30 to have it put together.  It’s a lawn tractor. I don’t believe that I have ever purchased a car and had to put it together myself. Or a motorcycle. Or any other motorized vehicle for that matter.

Is this customary at other stores? Is one expected to be a mechanic if they want to purchase a lawn tractor? I find this astounding!

What do you think?



One thought on “Canadian Tire is going ‘IKEA’!

  1. The following day, I stopped by Home Hardware in Alexandria. I asked if they would put the lawn tractor together before delivery. The sales man laughed and said ‘yes, of course, but I do know a lot of stores don’t’. I explained my situation with Canadian Tire to which he explained ‘we will deliver for $20 and your lawn tractor will be ready to mow as soon as we drop it off!’
    Thank you so much Home Hardware. The service was impeccable, delivery on time, and now I have a new lawn tractor…sitting in the garage waiting for the rain to stop!


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