Just wondering what people are considering as a DJ these days? With the advancement of technology it has become easier than ever to “get into” DJ’ing and producing. There are more and more software programs such as: Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ now that just about anybody can click a few buttons and match up a set without much hassle.

While at first I was strictly opposed to using a cpu in my DJ sets, the convenience of not having to lug around milk crates full of vinyl or books of CD’s does have its advantages. Much like vinyl DJ’s will tell you CD DJ’s “aren’t real DJ”s” – CD DJ’s will tell you CPU DJ’s the same thing.

My thoughts are this. I began with vinyl and then switched to CDJ’s I now incorporate a laptop and DJ software as well. To me it’s the evolution of the DJ. Much like the evolution from vinyl to tape to CD to mp3 and so on.. For me, it really boils down to personal choice and preferrance. If you feel comfortable with a certain format and your mixes sound good, than why not?

I must admit, I am a little biased toward vinyl and CD’s still. It’s taken me a while to get comfortable with letting a computer take some of the work off of my plate. Infact, I get a little bored when using DJ programs – I try and stay away as much as possible. To me, it takes away the fun of tweaking your mixes to perfection. I also prefer the sound of vinyl compared to anything. It just has a much more rich and deep sound that still has yet to be replicated. Although the technology of CDJ’s and DJ software is getting very close.

So, tell me please. What do you constitute as being a DJ? Is it just the music? The equipment? Or something in the showmanship?


Student Auction

Just a reminder to everyone to go to the shark tank tomorrow afternoon. Some of our fellow students are being “auctioned” off! Make your bid, and buy your student! You and your date will be going on a group date next Wednesday! C’mon out and have some fun. Start gathering around 11:30am, and the auction – complete with dancing and showing off – begins at 12pm sharp!

Short T.V series

Hey everyone!
Ok so myself and several other individuals been working on a short t.v series since the beginning of the year now, in hopes of possibly showing it on T.V Cogeco. My friends and I are actually finishing the storyboard in hopes of starting the script these following weeks. I was wondering if any person in the program or actually in the college would want to help or give any tips? We (friends and I) have worked on several short films and hope to finally get our big break on the big screen…of the Cornwall Community channel.
If anybody wants to contact me you can, via my personal e-mail address.
Francis R.

check it out

Hi everyone!

I may have mentioned to some of you that I will be going to Nepal and India this spring with some of the nursing students at our campus. I have started a blog for the trip as I am going to be taking photos and writing on our experiences while we are there. It’s pretty bare right now but I invite all of you to check it out over the next few months to learn more about the project!


something important to me…

in 2002 my mom and dad enrolled me in curling (a sport involving ice, brooms, and rocks for those who don’t know) I’m prone to tripping over my own feet needless to say ice doesn’t help. So being parents they decided I still needed a physical activity to do so they enrolled me in bowling. My mother and her family were all great bowlers and were quite well-known at Olympia bowl here in Cornwall, however they brought me to Nativity Hall to bowl in 2003. My family was thrilled with me for choosing to bowl, especially my granny and gramps. Both came with me to tournaments, my gramps even watched me practice every so often, until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. He is one of the main reasons I have kept bowling and trying my hardest at it because it was the greatest thing I could do next to playing hockey (he would make me sit and watch games with him when I was little, I still have his Toronto maple leaf sweater that he gave me when he died). Now when my granny comes to tournaments she’ll call me by the nick-name he gave me and tell me he would have loved to have seen that shot or he would be proud, or when I get high scores she’ll say he must have been watching me or he would have been proud to get that score himself.

Through bowling I’ve learned a lot, made great friends and met great people. I have learned to learn, accept criticism and help, as well as participate with others (even people I don’t like).

Bowling is something I love doing and something special to my family, although I’m not a great bowler, I have made it to some tournaments as well as tried my hardest and have fun each and every week.

This is something important to me, now what’s something important to you?

Go Canada!

congratulations to Canada’s Women’s soccer team. They had victory over Mexico in the Qualifications to earn them a spot in the Olympics this Summer. One thing even more exciting, is that forward Christina Julien is from the Cornwall area and she is one of team Canada’s top players. Support your country and city and watch the Olympics this summer as our athletes bring home the gold.